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12:17 OPA Contest is over!
Ok so the contest is over. Many registered but few actually submitted code. The timing was very short. However, I am ... Christian Meloche


09:20 OPA Submission deadline extended to 12:00 EDT March 31st
Some of you reported that the automatic registration confirmation did not work. Si while we are not accepting new par... Christian Meloche


11:48 OPA OPA will be stronger after the contest
Many people have expressed interest but few followed through. The reason is not so much that the code is badly writte... Christian Meloche


11:58 OPA Contest is on!
Please register to receive contest details. We are also preparing a vm to simplify the process and allow participants... Christian Meloche
08:51 OPA Contest will start shortly
This exercise in code refactoring is bordering on extreme programing because of the short time that we have to conduc... Christian Meloche

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