OPA will be stronger after the contest

Many people have expressed interest but few followed through but OPA will emerge stronger after the contest.
Added by Christian Meloche about 15 years ago

Many people have expressed interest but few followed through. The reason is not so much that the code is badly written nor that refactoring would be hard to do, it is more that the time needed to jump in the project is long and that many pre-requisites, such as unit tests were not present.

But we are changing all that! CREDIL volonteers are working hard to make the project available in a properly organized website along with better documentation and tools to use it with eclipse and other things that have become standard in properly functioning Free Software Projects. We will also have VM available so that individuals can dive in the code easily. This will lower the step considerably for organization wanting to add features to the application in th future.

While the original goal of the contest may not be fully met, OPA will emerge as an inviting project allowing people to easily contribute code.

On of CREDIL's role is to be a vehicle for organizations wishing to take code out of the closet and establish a community around it. We hope that many projects like OPA will come our way.

We will award the prize money next week.