Contest is over!

The contest is over and the winners are...
Added by Christian Meloche about 15 years ago

Ok so the contest is over. Many registered but few actually submitted code. The timing was very short. However, I am pleased to announced that the code we received was great!

Here are the improvement to the code:

  • A big Security problem fixed
  • Several non-free library removed and replaced by free ones
  • A start of a testing framework added to the code
  • Eclipse project files created
  • Start of CLF2 porting
  • HTML markup error fixed (XHTML validation)

As I said, many registered, but only 3 individuals submitted code. We will therefore split the prize 3 way.
First prize - Chris Longtin $1333.34
Chris submitted amazing code, showing how fast he can dive into a project and how well he can document commits! Because of Chris, OPA is now much more secure and free of non free libraries!

Second prize - Michael Richardson $1333.33
Micheal told us that refactoring was difficult to do because of the lack of unit testing. So he decided to implement the base of what will hopefully grow to become a comprehensive testing framework for OPA.

Third prize - Andrew "Orospakr" Clunis $1333.33
Andrew made the code usable in Eclispe, he worked on the CLF2 porting, not to mention countless HTML markup cleanup for XHTML compliance.

Furthermore, CREDIL also chipped in and after this contest the project will be available in a properly organized website along with better documentation and tools that have become standard in properly functioning Free Software Projects.

We will also have VM available so that individuals can dive in the code easily. This will lower the step considerably for organization wanting to add features to the application in the future. OPA will emerge as an inviting project allowing people to easily re-contribute code.

For CREDIL this is an opportunity to be a vehicle for organizations wishing to take code out of the closet and establish a community around it. We hope that many projects like OPA will come our way.